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Why compliance outsourcing with FAI Comply is the way to go

The challenging field of corporate compliance is transforming into an even more daunting domain with various updates and changes to the law that businesses are called to act in accordance with. The constantly developing complex legal framework leaves all companies - big and small - with increased business compliance requirements.

Business organisations can dodge a bullet by trusting FAI Comply, a compliance consulting firm. As a turnkey solution, FAI Comply offers compliance services along with financial services licensing and payment services licensing.

Access to skilled compliance experts

The shortage of experienced compliance professionals in relation to the high demands of regulated organisations presents a pressing problem. With little workforce to staff every compliance department, companies find it challenging to fill posts and gaps in their internal teams. By collaborating with FAI Comply the pressure is reduced; posts can be quickly filled to build a complete, blended team instead of an over-stretched one lacking the necessary expertise. Partnering with FAI Comply can also mean more stability for a company. Without the need to worry that turnover could affect the compliance department and with the support of a fully staffed organisation, compliance operations can run without interruptions.


Quality compliance services

FAI Comply’s qualified personnel, specifically specialised in delivering a set of services to multiple companies, can offer valuable insight to firms. Based on their exposure to a diverse clientele they can recommend improvements and share optimal practices in regards to compliance operation.


Continuous presence

FAI Comply works closely with partnering firms, building relationships of trust and continuous support. With online presence available during all business hours and frequent office visits, the team of compliance advisers blends in with the internal crew and operates seamlessly, offering high-quality compliance department services.


Continuous learning

FAI Comply is devoted to offering continuous learning to its team and high quality compliance services to its clients. The members stay duly up-to-date with all new developments in legislation and new regulations issued by ESMA.


Cost reduction

With costs to recruit, train and employ experts continuing to rise, access to external workforce can benefit a company from a financial standpoint.  Outsourcing compliance to FAI Comply can be a cost-efficient solution with monthly subscription fees and packages individually tailored to each company’s needs. For a fraction of the cost to finance an in-house compliance department, organisations can have access to a group of skilled specialists.


Time efficiency

Outsourcing compliance with FAI Comply can be time-efficient as well. With the specialists’ team responsible to keep abreast of the latest regulations and rule changes, the company staff is free to focus on key compliance projects.


Covering a variety of jurisdictions

International business operations span across a global compliance web with the need to comply with foreign regulatory jurisdictions. FAI Comply covers a diverse list of jurisdictions ranging from the FCA (formerly FSA) (UK), CySEC (Cyprus), MFSA (Malta), ASIC (Australia), Belize IFSC, The Bermuda Monetary Authority, Securities Commission of the Bahamas, Financial Services Authority Seychelles, and Financial Services Commission Mauritius, to the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Written by Constantinos Constantinides, Director of FAI Comply


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