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Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Insider trading, collusion, terrorist financing and money laundering, among other things, means that compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) carry considerable risk.

Supervisory authorities and regulators are responsible for monitoring compliance to AML obligations of members under their supervision. In cases of non-compliance they may apply disciplinary measures to persons falling under its supervision such as the imposition of administrative fines and amending, suspending or revoking their members’ operating license.

As part of this, firms are required to establish and maintain policies, procedures and control systems to prevent money laundering and to ensure the reporting of any cases that may be known or suspected.

Appropriate procedures should be implemented for:​

Know Your Client (KYC)

Record Keeping

Recognising and reporting suspicions of money laundering

The education and training of all employees

Verification on a regular basis of compliance with policies, procedures and control systems relating to anti-money laundering activities through reports submitted to the relevant authorities and regulators


Understanding the issues & your needs

As a result, and in order to prevent potential money laundering issues, organisations turn to FAI Comply for specialised consulting to ensure that compliance is at the core of their business.


Due Diligence & Investigations

Compliance and legal risks are significant to your company’s daily business operations. In recent years, these risks have become a top priority for financial organisations who seek to grow in a progressively challenging business environment, whilst operating in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. New regulatory initiatives are impacting firms on a local and international level.

Organisations are subject to growing scrutiny and oversight and are under pressure to demonstrate adequate control over operational, financial and regulatory risks.

Our team of experts at FAI Comply is able to assist your company in this changing landscape and offer high-quality advice on a broad range of regulatory issues. We seek to understand your business and provide you with practical and cost-effective solutions, through our responsive and flexible approach.

Due diligence reporting

Comprehensive reviews of business, legal and financial affairs

Assist clients in making informed decisions

Know about the risks and opportunities of your potential investment

Assist firms in the implementation of their own internal due diligence processes

Discuss reports
Patentability Search


Responding quickly and efficiently to alleged or suspected fraud, misconduct or other improprieties

Provide your company the support it needs with our experience

Conduct a prompt, cost effective and objective investigation

Identifying and recommending appropriate remedial actions

What FAI Comply can do for your business

Due diligence reporting

FAI Comply undertakes enhanced due diligence exercises and comprehensive reviews of business, legal and financial affairs with the aim of assisting our clients in making informed decisions, through our assessment of business proposals.

We believe it is important for you to know about the risks and opportunities of your potential investment. Our approach to due diligence allows us to focus on those matters which concern you most and which may have an impact on your negotiating position. Due diligence reports can include investigation into a target company’s qualifications, operating and financial status, government relations and adverse records, as well as into the backgrounds of shareholders and senior management.

With our extensive experience in conducting due diligence assessments, FAI Comply is further able to assist firms in the implementation of their own internal due diligence processes, training staff to be able to assess all business relationships, thereby embedding a culture of thoroughness and diligence into your organisation.


Responding quickly and efficiently to alleged or suspected fraud, misconduct or other improprieties is critical to all financial organisations. Integrity and transparency are key components to any business wishing to succeed, and such instances may undermine or cause irrevocable damage to a firm’s reputation.

FAI Comply conducts a range of inquiries for firms that may lack the resources or skills to competently conduct a prompt, cost effective and objective investigation in-house. Our team is here to provide your company the support it needs by utilising our experience into matters such as employee misconduct, whether related to bribery, corruption, fraud or theft, and violations of laws, regulations and internal policies.

You will be able to coordinate with independent and impartial professionals, who can evaluate the implications of such investigations, identifying and recommending appropriate remedial actions.

Due Diligence & Investigations
Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services

In the financial world, the ever-evolving set of regulations following the recent financial crises have highlighted the critical importance of having highly defined risk management controls. It has fast become one of the top regulatory concerns of the financial services and banking industry.

For financial institutions, it has meant establishing and maintaining highly defined processes to identify, analyse, and most importantly manage risks, in order to achieve regulatory compliance and deal with everyday risks that could potentially impact a firm’s operations.

FAI Comply has extensive knowledge in the field of risk management and our services involve the individual and tailor-made development of forward-thinking risk management processes and policies for our clients. We perform full reviews, evaluating the risk governance framework of a firm, providing recommendations for better management and control of risk.

Image by Muzammil Soorma
Understanding the risk and the implementation of management processess for your organisation​
  • Evaluation of market risk, credit risk, operational risk and asset/liability management processes and methodologies

  • Design, development and implementation of integrated risk management processes

  • Design and development of risk management policies and procedures

  • Design and development of risk measurement and limit allocation methodologies

  • Implement market and operational risk measurement management tools

  • Provision of dedicated outsourced risk managers or risk management consultancy support

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