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18 - 20 JUNE 2024

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FAI Comply on Expert Speaker Panels at Past Events

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Toolkit 2024: Mastering the Regulatory Scene

We attended the iFX EXPO International 2023 in Limassol and once again our Director, Constantinos Constantinides, joined other experts to form a discussion panel that spoke about how, in an ever-evolving financial landscape shaped by fintech advancements, regulatory agencies are striving to establish frameworks that strike a harmonious balance between innovation and consumer protection. As we progress towards 2024, we can anticipate a heightened focus on regulatory initiatives aimed at fostering compliance. These efforts may encompass a range of measures, such as bitcoin exchange restrictions, data privacy regulations, and anti-fraud precautions, to create a stable climate for fintech growth and attract institutional investors.

Financial Services Regulations: From Asia to Australia to the World
iFX EXPO Asia 2022

FAI Comply Director, Constantinos Constantinides, joined other experts of this ever crucial aspect of the business to discuss the latest on fraud detection and regulatory requirements. The regulatory focus in the Asia-Pacific region is changing, and at the same time, the technological actions taken by Asia-Pacific regulators are changing, from driving innovation to creating digital currencies and latest regulatory must-knows all in one session by industry experts.

Regulatory : Exploring the Dichotomy Between Relevance & Compliance
iFX EXPO International 2022

Regulation and compliance remain key for the operations for any market participant – and in 2022, companies have to walk a fine line between compliance and relevance. Join this panel of experts, including Director of FAI Comply - Constantinos Constantinides - for an informed account of tomorrow’s regulatory landscape.


What are the most important current and upcoming regulatory changes?

Are shifts in geopolitics and technology making the regulatory landscape more difficult to navigate?

How can companies successfully walk the line between legal requirements and relevant business strategy?

How can companies work with regulators to pursue a balanced legal landscape?

Regulatory Catch Up: Understanding Changing Regimes

The ongoing Brexit process brings about changes in the way regulators monitor businesses in financial services. Our host of experts lay out the most important revisions that brokers in the UK and the EU (and more often both) need to take into account.

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