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In today’s financial services industry nothing could be more important to the success and continuation of the business than to ensure that firms stay on the right side of their relevant regulations.

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Our aim is not only to help set up or sustain, but also to enhance your business practice through our first-class experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on unparalleled quality of service which complements your business.

How we work

We firmly believe in working closely with you and making sure you feel no difference from having an in-house compliance team. We achieve that by being physically present in your office for full working days and always being available online.

About FAI Comply

Since joining the EU in 2004 and becoming part of European MiFID regulation, Cyprus is increasingly becoming a hub for financial services. As a result, Cyprus has harboured and nurtured both talent and expertise in the fields of research, financial advisory and consulting.

This has seen the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) significantly change the financial regulatory framework it enforced. The changes called for firms to seek more expertise in regulatory compliance and it is out of this that FAI, Financial Associates International, came into being.

FAI Comply is fast becoming a key player in the field of regulatory compliance and licensing advisory for companies looking to establish a presence in the EU and thus be fully harmonised and regulated in the provision of investment services within the EU as well as the global markets.

The company operates out of Cyprus with a broad network of partners and associates in international markets whose experience spans both within and beyond the EU domain.

Availability, presence, professionalism and cost efficiency is key to us and something we place great importance on. We make sure that we are implemented into the rest of your team!

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